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Mirror Testimonials
It’s too bad there isn’t a way to share a picture cause I would totally like everyone to see how sleek my Stretch Mirror looks in my bedroom. Glad I found this unusual design as most floor mirrors are just boring and rectangular.
Teresa Manuel, in reference to Junior Stretch Leaner Mirror
Now this is a statement piece! Every single person who walks into my living room immediately notices and complements me on my killer mirror, which is the MT Round Wall Mirror. I love it because it is super dramatic. Thanks Opulent!
Mark Thomas, in reference to MT Round Wall Mirror
The Manhattan 3D Cube Mirror caught my attention since I happen to live in Manhattan. However, I had a lot of reservations since my style tends to be more conservative. However, my fiancé persuaded me to be a little daring and I can honestly say I’m glad I gave it a shot. Now my house has some character!
Lorraine Telfair, in reference to Manhattan 3D Cube Mirror

Now I love getting up in the mornings because everything looks better when I try it on in front of this mirror. I can finally see my entire profile without twisting around or scooting down.
Martina Stjedk, in reference to Rosinna Leaner Mirror
I feel like I got a ton of value for this really nice wall mirror. I’ve seen many similar styles out there for hundreds more, but this one really satisfies my needs. It is really modern, really lightweight (I live alone and had to mount this myself) and looks great. I highly recommend this model to anyone on a budget, but that wants too look good at the same time.
Stacy Lee - Pierre, in reference to Montreal Modern Wall Mirror
This is going to sound weird, but I chose the Ariel Wall Mirror because it reminded me of the custom tires I had on my old 57’ Mustang. Sorry if this information didn’t help much, but the clean look with sparkly finish immediately captured my attention and made me fall in love.
Armande Billox, in reference to Ariel Wall Mirror