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Lamp Testimonials

I’m an architect so the Caged Lamp design really drew my attention. It arrived in about 6 days and I really like it, but I was a little disappointed the light bulb was not included.
Stacy Tawn, in reference to Caged Floor Lamp

Super chic is all I have to say. I ordered the Emmaus Table Lamp cause I love shiny finishes and this lamp didn’t disappoint. Just wish I could choose the shade color, but besides that, I love the look.
Avila Gonzales, in reference to Emmaus Table Lamp
I purchased the Cascade Floor Lamp a few weeks ago because I love bubbles and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bubble strings glow a little when the light is on. Not sure this was an intended effect, but the glow looks really cool. I recommend this lamp to anyone that likes art deco styling.
May Bluth, in reference to Cascade Floor Lamp
I’m in the middle when it comes to contemporary versus classic so I was glad to find this funky lamp that was kind of in the middle. I think the irregular shapes are modern, which I really like, but the shade and the base colors seemed classic to me, which also fit my room.
Tina Navarra, in reference to Art Glass Table Lamp

My living room is ultra mod / minimalist so this piece really completed the look. I love the simple, but elegant 1-tone finish and the 2-bubble center perfectly accentuated my minimalist look. Just wish the light bulb were included!
Harry Conway, in reference to Miramar Table Lamp
Honestly, I’m not in love with how these lamps look in the daytime. However, they display an amazing amber glow at night, which makes it totally worth it (in my opinion). My only other complaint is that they are very lightweight so the wind sometimes knocks them over when I open my French doors.
Sergio Chavez, in reference to Lite Floor Lamps